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Innovan campers are a ground breaking and top-selling new camper with a solid fibreglass shell that can ‘hinge open’ to provide more space. Their revolutionary patented design allows the Innovan camper to expand from 1.5 metres above the floor to an enclosed living space with solid walls and a ceiling close to 3 metres high in seconds. Amenities and storage space are cleverly fitted on the interior and exterior of the unit, allowing the Innovan to stay light, mobile and affordable.
Innovan campers come in both a slide-on and a caravan model.
All walls are thick insulated fibreglass, and the interior is comfortable and spacious.

Penguin Composites are licensed manufacturers of the Innovan camper line.

For more information, check out the Innovan website; inquire with a message using the Contact us page or you can call us using the phone numbers above.

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